This showed up in my inbox the other day:

The TechNet Magazine Team would like to thank you, our valued reader, for the loyalty and trust you have placed in TechNet Magazine. It is a distinct pleasure to deliver content that we consistently hear makes your jobs easier and has helped you grow in your IT careers.

The November 2009 issue of TechNet Magazine will be its last in printed form. However, we are very excited about what the future holds. Be assured the magazine will continue to thrive on the Web.

As a TechNet Plus Subscriber, you have received a printed copy of TechNet Magazine and moving forward you will still have access to all of its great content, as the magazine will retain its place as a key part of the TechNet online community. Many of the features and columns you have enjoyed over the years will continue to be published online. We’ll be enriching the online magazine in many ways, including more frequent posting of articles, more videos in an enhanced video player, and more direct communication with our readers, enabling you to make comments on articles and to submit your own tips and best practices. Check in the coming months as these features become available.

Boo.  I like print magazine.  What will I read in the bathroom now?

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