Adventures with Windows 8.1

I’ve run into what appears to be a genuine bug!  On my domain-joined Windows 8 RTM machine with the Win 8/Server 2012 RSAT package installed, I can run the following command:

get-aduser kbaker -properties *

…and get the following results:


But on my domain-joined Windows 8.1 Preview machine with the Win 2012 R2 RSAT installed, the same command returns this:


If I specify the Properties by name, the command works normally — it’s only the wildcard that throws an error.  I get the same behavior with the Get-AdComputer cmdlet.  Not a huge thing, but not great either — I use the wildcard in these cmdlets pretty frequently.  I’ve posted to the TechNet forums, and at least one other person has run unto the same issue.  I’ll update as I learn more.

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