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Microsoft agrees to change SkyDrive name worldwide; won’t appeal ruling – Neowin

What in the world are they doing? Is Microsoft’s legal department so busy writing shitty EULAs that they can’t spare an intern or two to check for existing trademarks in major markets before launching a new brand? SkyDrive is possibly the most perfectly evocative name for a cloud storage service.

Microsoft has enough to deal with; they should stop manufacturing completely avoidable problems like this.


Transmitting information…with LASERS!

Remember when fiber optics was something we’d have in The World of Tomorrow?

The reality:

Considerably less sexy, but still pretty rad!

Um…hi, WordPress!

Apparently, all Windows Live Spaces face a choice of either moving over here or, you know, eating the big one.  This kind of surprises me, but it’s no big deal, as I’ve run a self-hosted WordPress blog for years (mostly politics, which I try to keep very separate from my work life).  So here we are!  And since I had to move, I took the opportunity to change the name…”Nerdpocalypse!” is now “The Curious Admin”.  “The Confused Admin” would probably be more apt, but I am trying to market myself a bit here.

Anyhow…lots going on in my life.  I’m still studying for my MCITP exams, but some unfortunate developments made me feel like I needed to leave my old job sooner than I had hoped.  So, now I’m in the middle of a job hunt too!  I’ve got a second interview tomorrow for a position that I think would be a great fit for my skills, so hopefully my job hunt will be over as quickly as it began.

I’m going to be posting more in coming days.  As I have started job-hunting, I’ve realized that my unfamiliarity with VMware virtualization solutions is a real gap in my skills.  As a first step in addressing this gap, I’m converting my home lab setup from Hyper-V to ESXi, and I hope to come up with a few posts that might be helpful for folks like me who have virtualization experience on Hyper-V but are new to the world of VMware.